Lura  was  born and raised in the Tennessee Great Smokey Mountains. She received Jesus as a small girl and was baptized in the Holy Spirit as a teenager. She raised her now grown family in Hickory, NC. 
   In 1979 as front seat passenger in a near-fatal, head-on auto collision without a seatbelt she was propelled head first into the windshield, sustaining serious face, head, spinal and internal injuries. Following a life-giving visitation  from Jesus, her course was changed. Returning home to her four- and five-year old children meant relearning to speak, walk, read, write and perform basic daily functions while regaining memory. Twenty-seven years and multiple surgeries later, she proclaims victory in Jesus Christ.
   For two decades she has purchased and distributed thousands of Bibles and now utilizes the proceeds of this book for Bible distribution worldwide. She also organized neighborhood children's Bible clubs called FRIENDS OF JESUS. She ministers the Good News of Jesus Christ by television, radio, women's retreats and confrences and via her website worldwide.





written by LURA HOYLE

published by Xulon Press ISBN #1-594672-90-3

* Helpful to women for inner healing
*For men in better understanding women
*And teens in preventative measures

Woman survives brain injuries to author book!

From victim-to-victor. Abuse, abandonment and rejection produce distorted self images. God has many daughters who are walking wounded women. He desires restoring them all to WARRING WOMEN OF THE WORD. Spiritual mothering based on Titus 2:3-5 and Proverbs 31:10-31. Simple to read Biblical answers providing inner healing, self deliverance and restoration. An excellent resource for the entire family. .                                                                               

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Book Review:

   In Titus 2-5 the Apostle Paul's letter to Timothy exhorts mature church women to teach younger women to live Godly loves, having right priorities. In our past silence the media and society at large have shaped the self-images of younger women.
   Our primary example is the Proverbs 31:10-31 woman, but other include every woman named, unnamed, and alluded to in the Bible, Most women's books applaud the women of character, but there are priceless lessons from the unlovely women who refused repentance and continued in ungodliness, as well as the results of their rebellion.
   Today the spirit of Elijah is turning the hearts of the fathers back to the sons. The spirit of prophecy in Joel 2:28 is raising women up to prophesy the return to holiness and hearts for God, husband, children, and home. Prophecy is to exhort, encourage, and rebuke. It's time to stand up and loose our tongues to speak up, addressing the taboo. God wants our walking, wounded women restored to Warring Women of the Word, rediscovering the abandoned gift of God-given femininity!
   This book is written in modern language using primarily the New Living Translation of the Bible so that people of all ages and backgrounds can simply understand and relate the universal principals. It highlights the lives of every woman mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments, relating to real life events of today. It is easy reading in daily devotional format addressing difficult issues women may face offering Biblical answers and closing prayers for inner healing, self deliverance and restoration.
   Although written about women it isn’t just for women.  The information helps men better understand women and teens for preventing bad decisions resulting in inner wounds. It is an excellent resource for women of all ages.