Silent Whispers Of God's Love
July 27, 2004


by Lura Hoyle

Tall and graceful poised the vase
Not one of many, a work of art.
No other, none similar to take it's place.

Oh lovely vessel, once lifeless dust
Then lump of cold hard clay
Now magnificent in splendor from the Master's touch.

Mist covered sod with droplets of love,
Uniquely formed beauty
Bending, moving pliable pressed by His touch.

Pressed by His touch atop spinning wheel
With disciplined hand
Trials cause growth, no count of the feel.

Unfinished work can be no art
More to be done...
Completed by Him to do our part.

Spin with His purpose, Oh Potter's wheel,
For effectual purpose we are molded by Him.

Thru heat of much trial of furnace of fire
We are fired for firm
To stand in adversity, calling Satan a liar!

Spirit anointing as covering, as glaze
Eminating His glow
All beauty and glory, to God be the praise!

Oh loving Potter, casuse me to emerge
A vessel of honor
Proudly displaying Artist's signature!

copyright (c) 1979 rewrite copyright 2003 by Lura Hoyle



Lura Hoyle