July 27, 2004


copyright 1980, rewrite copyright 2004 by Lura



Our God created this world
By His words of command,
Every manner of creature
Then formed He man.

As a kiss of love
Came the breath of life.
From the rib of the side
He formed Adam a wife.

Praise God, the mighty creator.
He must surely be
Alpha, Omega,
Our Lord for eternity!

Said the Lord God to Adam,
"Of every other tree you may eat
But of the knowledge of good and evil
Is off limits to thee."

"For to taste of that fruit
To touch and to try
Is the very day
That you shall die."

The subtle serpent said to Eve,
"You shall not die,
Just be wise as God,
Now give it a try!"

Had she not harkened
We would know no sin,
But we do, we need salvation,
A cleansing within.

Great tragic deception
Selling out to the enemy.
Ashamed, needing redemption
From sin to walk free.

With rebellious sin came
Aging, sickness, disease.
Salvation bought health,
A new start, made free!

To be our Savior 
Jesus came to the earth,
Fathered by Holy Ghost,
Conceived in the virgin birth.

His will was to please
The Father above.
In Christ was made perfect
Our Father's love.

As He trod the earth
His Father's will He taught,
Bringing into subjection
Every word, every thought.

He healed the sick
And made the dumb talk.
To the lame He declared,
"Take up thy bed and walk."

He cast out the demons
From the devil possessed,
Giving new hope
To all the oppressed.

Some wouldn't believe.
They said, "It's a lie!"
Yet He loved us so much
He was willing to die.

He carried His cross
Up a hill called Mt. Calvary.
This gesture of obedience
Set all mankind free.

The cup could not pass
As this was God's will,
So He hung on the cross
At the top of the hill.

As He hung on the cross
He asked God to forgive those.
Calling out to the Father,
He gave up the ghost.

Descending to Satan's pit
Christ defeated the foe.
Retrieving of death, hell and the grave
He made an open show. 

Like He promised He would
On the third day He arose.
Not many days later
He sent us the Holy Ghost.

In the Upper Room they gathered
When Pentecost had come,
They recieved the Holy Ghost,
Began speaking in new tongues.

He appeared from out of Heaven
Like a mighty rushing wind.
As tongues of fire    
Rested upon each of them.

Holy Spirit whispers
To your heart just now,
"If you want eternal life 
This is how."

Confess you are lost, believe in the Lord
And you shall be saved.
Now lift your hands,
With your mouth give Him praise.

You experience peace
Transcending the mind.
You also have joy unspeakable,
The glorious kind.

Your eyes spark a twinkle.
Radiating new glow.
Everyone around you
Will certainly know.

You'll make it to Heaven.
You're not lost as before,
But listen as I tell you....
"There is more!"

The Holy Spirit I spoke of
Was meant for all
Who accept the Savior,
Answering HIs call...

To be a bold witness
Throughout the earth,
Bringing lost sheep
Into the new birth.

Request of the Father
Lifting hands high,
His spirit on you
To please baptize.

You begin to speak
As you yield to the Spirit.
Your mind is unfruitful
Yet your ears can still hear it.

You're speaking mysteries
And giving God praise.
Building yourself up
Praying in tongues is the way.

Now you have power
To lay hands on the sick.
But this isn't magic
Nor merely a trick.

It's the power of God
Which lies in your hand
With the Word of the Lord
At your command.

All disease and devils
Have to flee
As you stand in faith
With the Word you speak. 

Don't just sit there
Acting quite bored.
Step out on faith.
Obey the Lord.

Do God's Word.
In belief as you pray.
Put a watch over your mouth
Because you get what you say!



Lura Hoyle