Date: November 1, 2004

Betrayal Of Incest 
What a wonderful God we have He is the Father of our Lord 
Jesus Christ, the source of every mercy, and the one who so 
wonderfully comforts and strengthen us in our hardships and 
trials. When others are troubled, needing our sympathy and 
encouragement, we can pass on to them this same help and 
comfort God has given us. 2 Corinthians 1:3 & 4. 
0ne of the most destructive betrayals is incest, being 
sexually violated by a relative. God desires our wholeness 
spirit, soul and body. This practice causes such fragmented 
emotional damage that God prohibited this behavior in the 
Levitical law. This distinguishes the believer who servers 
and obeys God from the heathen who doesn't answer to God. 
Many males and females alike have been defiled by family 
members they are subject to or in whom they have be 
entrusted for care and nurturing. If this has happened to 
you it isn't your fault. God wants to comfort and heal your 
wounds so that when Satan causes others this same pain, He 
can bring that precious person into your life for help and 
comfort from the Word. God comforts and blesses us to pass 
it on. 
It may be more widespread these days, or possibly just 
accepted as open to discussion, but incest has been 
addressed by God since Old Testament days. A beautiful 
young princess,, Tamar, daughter of King David was lusted 
after by her half brother, Ammon. He plotted and 
successfully sexually assaulted her against her resistance. 
When his lustful fire was extinguished he tossed her away 
like garbage. On top of being humiliated by his act she was 
further disgraced by her brother, Absalom, commenting that 
it wasn't that big a deal and her father not taking 
immediate action. She was alone in her despair. The 
scripture doesn't mention her forgiving Ammon or turning to 
the Lord for healing. She probably suffered her remaining 
life with anger, guilt and bitterness but you don't have 
to. Begin by admitting the pain to God, forgiving the 
person who molested you and forgiving yourself. Let me lead 
you in prayer. 
Dear Heavenly Father, You know the pain and anger. I 
confess it to You and ask You to remove it from me, 
refilling that space with Your peace. You are my Father of 
all comfort. Because forgiveness is a decision, give me 
grace to forgive and cause him/her to experience true 
conviction, salvation and deliverance so the cycle of abuse 
is broken. My release comes through my forgiveness. I ask 
You to restore me to emotional wholeness and make me an 
instrument of Your love and comfort to others whom You will 
be bringing across my path. Display yourself through me, oh 
Lord. Make me a reflection of your goodness and handiwork. 
I love You, my sweet Lord.