Date: January 1, 2005

... "And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the 
only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent," Jesus 
prayed. John 17.3 
The apostle Phillip was instructed by an angel of the Lord 
to travel the busy Mediterranean coastal highway from 
Jerusalem to Gaza. This highway connected Egypt to the rest 
of the Near Eastern countries. On the journey God had him 
meet a eunuch from Ethiopia, just south of Egypt. 
Eunuchs were men who had only some or none of their male 
sex organs. Because they weren't preoccupied with sexual 
encounters and relationships, they were loyal, hard working 
and dedicated, often placed in charge of harems and 
This Ethiopian eunuch was in charge of Candace the Queen's 
entire treasury. He was returning home from worshipping God 
in Jerusalem, reading from the prophet Isaiah. The spirit 
of God compelled Phillip to stop his chariot and witness to 
him of Jesus Christ as the Messiah the ancient prophet 
spoke about. As they traveled down the road together the 
Eunuch became a believer and when they arrived at water 
Phillip gladly responded to his request for baptism. He 
came out of the water rejoicing in His new salvation and 
went his own way. 
Queen Candace of Ethiopia was only briefly mentioned and no 
record was made of her conversion, but it is likely, with 
his high position in her majesty's court, that he at least 
shared his joyful experience with her and others. He may 
have converted and baptized many in his country. He may 
have been insufficiently equipped to marry and father 
children, but he was fully equipped to carry the glorious 
gospel of Jesus Christ he had received. 
This is what we are all called to do. We who have been 
saved and know God's Holy Word are fully equipped to obey 
His leading, speaking to and convincing the lost and 
spiritually hungry. We don't have to stress over the matter 
or beg God to help us accomplish something big and 
noticeable, for men's approval. We need only ask the Lord 
to bring those across our path He wants us to speak to, 
then be obedient to humbly explain the plan of salvation. 
Multiplication begins with only two numbers. Take a step of 
faith today and every day by beginning the morning with 
this request. 
Heavenly Father, Your Word says the footsteps of the 
righteous are ordered of the Lord. I ask that You lead me 
today by Your Holy Spirit. Illuminate those whom You 
divinely place in my path. Give me boldness tempered with 
humility and utmost respect as I open my mouth by faith and 
see You fill it with words of life, hope, healing, 
encouragement, deliverance and restoration. Use me as Your 
hands to touch the needs, Your mouth to speak only Your 
words with feet shod with the preparation of the gospel, 
ready to step to the drumbeat of Your heart. I give You all 
praise, glory and honor for what You do in and through Your 
simply willing child. In Jesus'name I pray. Amen.