Date: February 1, 2005

Expect Respect 
A man should love his wife as part of himself; and the wife 
must see to it that she deeply respects her husband, 
obeying, praising and honoring him. Ephesians 5:33 
Royalty, the daughter of The King of Kings deserves 
royal treatment. Sadly, we see many young women who, due to 
a low of self esteem, place themselves in positions of 
pain, degradation, rejection, and emotional or physical 
abuse. This is shameful and unnecessary. A man in his right 
mind would never treat himself this way. 
An ever increasing number of girls are growing up without 
daddy in the home, reflecting unconditional love, 
protection, provision and respect. Our result is needy teen 
girls crying out for male attention, by any means, to any 
degree, positive or negative. As a result we see the 
increase in couples living together outside marriage 
commitment. Without Holy covenant of man taking woman unto 
himself, becoming one flesh and loving her as Christ loved 
the church so that he would die in her place. Compromise of 
God's best for less seems acceptable, even vogue. I 
remember from my childhood, the old cliche: Why buy the cow 
when the milk is FREE? 
Once we have been saved, and become a Princess, we should 
expect no less for ourselves than our Heavenly Father does. 
Only the best for the regal King's daughter. Allow your 
gentleman to open the door for you. It makes him feel 
important. Let him know you want respect and that he and 
everyone else should refrain from cursing and nasty 
language in your presence. Foul language often escalates 
into bad behavior, lack of respect, inconsideration and 
possibly abuse. 
No girl deserves being embarrassed, criticized, cheated on, 
or physically manhandled. It appears all blush and shame is 
extinct today. Regardless of the inconsiderate filthy 
lyrics of current songs, open perversity of popular movies 
and the raunchy relationships and dirty bloomers being 
aired on television talk shows, rise above. If you fail to 
respect yourself and expect it from guys, they aren't going 
to do so automatically. They haven't been trained to. 
Remember, chances are, his daddy was gone, too! Without a 
Christian father teaching him how to be priest, provider 
and protector of his home by word and example, how will he 
Pray and trust God to send the one whom He has prepared for 
you and together, start off on the right foot by having 
Christian fellowship in a Bible believing church where you 
will find positive examples of long term marriage 
commitment. Pray together and read the marriage handbook. 
The author knows and understands you both. With God as the 
catalyst, the relationship can withstand any storms of life 
which come your way. 
Lord, I ask You to prepare the heart of the man You are 
sending my way, as you work within my heart to make me an 
appropriate mate. Help as recognize each other by the 
spirit. Couple us together, according to Your greater plan. 
Help me understand my worth in Your eyes as my Heavenly 
Father, so I will expect the same in my male friendships 
and relationships. I forgive those who have treated me 
wrongly and myself for allowing it. I commit to raise my 
level of expectancy to meet Yours. Thank you for a new 
start. Daddy, you are the greatest! I love You and I love 
myself. Amen.