Date: June 1, 2004

... There is joy in the presence of the angels of God when 
one sinner repents. Luke 15:10 
Jesus gave three parables (picture stories) exemplifying 
the Heavenly party the angels and all Heaven throw in 
excitement each time one unsaved person comes to Jesus or 
someone who strayed away repents and returns to Him. 
The second parable on repentance, which was easily 
understood by women, was THE WOMAN WHO LOST A C This coin 
was one of ten she owned, worth an entire day's wage and 
undoubtedly a part of her dowry. In Hebrew culture the 
dowry was money paid by the bridegroom and/or his family to 
the family of the bride or, in this case, the bride 
herself. It was given prior to the ceremony, legitimizing 
the intentions of the groom and providing for the bride's 
financial future, should he die. In the case of poor 
families, it was given directly to her parents compensating 
their financial loss of whatever she may have contributed 
to the families' stability. 
In this story she appears to be inside a lowly peasant's 
home when she drops the coin. Immediately grabbing a-broom, 
she sweeps every corner of the room by lamplight hoping for 
the clinking sound or a sparkling glimmer of her prized 
treasure. She perseveres until finally finding the money. 
Immediately she joyfully returns to tell her friends so 
they may rejoice with her. 
Can you imagine the Heavenly partying over one who 
accepts Jesus as their Savior or who has drifted off the 
Heavenly homebound pathway and returns? I see wonder more 
glorious than mere confetti and balloons. I see angels 
dancing, trumpets blasting, saints singing, Jesus getting 
down as the Father belly laughs with such glee the 
sparkling city made of precious jewels rocks! Praise God 
for His love and persistence on our behalf. 
Where is your walk on the pathway to Heaven? Is one foot on 
the path and the other in the ditch? You need to get back 
on track. If you have never given your heart to Jesus It's 
time to step out of the mud and mire of this world's sinful 
trail to hell and step onto the golden pathway to eternity 
with the Lord. Pray with me. 
Heavenly Father, I repent of walking my own way, the 
shortcut trail many take leading to eternal damnation. 
Forgive me. Come into my heart. Be my Savior and Lord. Wash 
me of this filthy residue and lift me onto Your road of 
righteousness. Help me walk upright and clean before You. 
My heart hears Your party sounds. I rejoice within and 
party with You. Help me see by the lamp of Your Holy Word 
and. understand it as Your map to my destiny. Thank You for 
loving me, never giving up. Today is a new day and a new 
beginning. Praise Your Holy name. Amen 
copyright 2003 by Lura Hoyle