Date: September 1, 2004

Gals Gone Bad 
Older women must train the younger women to live quietly, 
to love their husbands and their children, and to be 
sensible and clean minded, spending their time in their own 
homes, being kind and obedient to their husbands so that 
the Christian faith can't be spoken against by those who 
know them. Titus 2:3 5 
Society is paying for failure to teach girls self 
respect. Adolescence is a difficult transitional stage with 
the budding body raging with hormonal change. During this 
phase there is a distorted image, questioning the new 
self's beauty, purpose and competence. The desire is for 
self expression and independence from parental influence. 
Rebellion is knocking on her door. 
A young teen body sometimes feels super energized, 
talking on the phone for hours. One minute quarreling with 
siblings as small child, while demanding her rights as an 
independent person. Other times she seems sullen, poutey 
and so drained she drags herself out of bed. The monthly 
period is her regular visitor like a recurring nightmare. 
If not aware of the beautiful blessing of her God given and 
life giving femininity, she will assume it a shameful and 
disgusting curse. Suddenly she's the main attraction of the 
boys, which is a huge addictive rush, or worse, needing and 
not getting her share, reinforcing her insecurities. Peer 
pressure is at its peak. She aches for acceptance, 
popularity and being perceived as the cool one. She takes 
chances she will regret later without counting the cost. 
She reads teen glamour magazines in an effort to mimic the 
model's false image or else hides her femininity in baggy 
jeans and layers of loose sweaters in an effort to be one 
of the guys. 
Media promotes worldly sensuality without restraint. She 
sees the lustful attention guys give promiscuous older 
teens and aches inside because daddy didn't reaffirm her 
value as a precious child of God. Worse yet, she suffered 
molestation before she was mature enough to realize she did 
nothing wrong and had a right to say, "NO:' She needs to 
know her value and identity in Christ. In Him awaits her 
forgiveness, restoration and validation. 
A twelve year old girl in Mark chapter rive is seen to 
God important. She was critically ill. Her father had gone 
to fetch Jesus from a huge crowd. While convincing Jesus to 
come, word arrived she had died. Jesus went to her bed. In 
spite of the people's doubts, He took her hand and brought 
her back to life! Are you a female who feels dead inside as 
a result of criticism, abuse, molestation, abandonment or 
rejection? Is your self-steem so low you look under the 
sole of your shoe to find it? Do you flaunt your sexuality? 
Are you critical of yourself and others or constantly 
comparing yourself to them? Does what people think 
constantly haunt your decision making process? 
Abba Daddy. Please heal the wounds, wiping them with the 
precious blood of Jesus. Heal my hurts and restore me. I 
confess _____ treated me unfairly. I was violated. When 
they beat You and crucified You, You took my wounds, grief 
and sorrows so that I may be healed. Allow me to see myself 
through Your eyes of love and become an expression of what 
I fid there. Thank You for healing and restoring me. Amen. 
Copyright 2003 by Lura Hoyle