The requests for free Bibles and Christian materials worldwide have been unbelievable. I must temporarily freeze the offer for this material until the funds are in to fulfill the current demand. There will be a notice posted when the freeze is lifted. After purchasing the Bibles, it takes an average of $7.00 to ship a Bible out of the United States. My heart is in helping, but it takes participation and co-operation. Please agree with me in  prayer for the Lord to move on the hearts of those He would have to purchase my book or contribute  financial support. 

    I am currently planning a unique online boutique, selling Christian clothing, jewelry and gifts similar to those found in Christian Book Stores. The profit will go to help with the project. It will take an investment in a digital camera as well as the products to sell in the boutique. Please put this on your FAVORITES LIST.

   You patronage and prayers are needed. God bless you.