A look at the life of Deborah



I, Wisdom, give good advice and common sense. Because of my strength, kings reign in power, and rulers make just laws. I love all who love me. Those who search for me shall surely find me. Proverbs 8:14 & 15


During the reign of King Jabin in Israel, a simple homemaker by the name of Deborah, who referred to herself as mother of Israel, was elected to the honored political position of judge. Israel's army was weak and her judicial system incompetent. The land lay spiritually desolate because of their rebellion to God's law. Yahweh, the one, true and living God, chose Deborah to be His deliver.

Deborah yielded herself to God's wisdom. She commissioned Barak to assemble an army of 10,000 men and assisted him in planning a strategy used in overthrowing and conquering the Canaanite enemy. God intervened through an intensely forceful storm, overthrowing the chariots of the enemy. This powerful movement of God on the behalf of Israel was similar to His parting of the Red Sea, by the hands of Moses, giving victorious freedom to Israel in time past. God blessed them with peace for forty years. Their victory song can be read in Judges 5.

On the flip side, a heathen woman named Athaliah, daughter of evil Queen Jezebel, infiltrated the tribe of Judah, by marrying Jehoram, first born son and heir to the throne of King Jehosaphat, a God worshipping king. She made it her mission to seduce family and nation into Bael worship. When Jehoram died at age forty, their son became king. He and the other sons were slain in battle with the Philistines and Arabians, so to steal the royal throne for herself, evil Athaliah had her own grandsons murdered.

She was a bastard Queen, an evil outsider, not of the true lineage of David. She had stolen the throne. She promoted her disgusting idolatry for six years before being murdered, but her wicked rebellion to God had left its mark on the nation.

What a contrast! A Godly woman, yielded to the Word and Wisdom of God can have such positive influence, while, on the other hand, one who is rebellious and wicked can make such an evil and ugly impression. You may not be in a position of power to that extent, but we all have a sphere of influence. Whether it be in the home, community, workplace, church or greater scope. Consider your decisions and the outcome. Not only personal repercussions, but corporately, to all surrounding and not for today, but generations to come. Leave a fragrant reminder and not a black, gaping hole in the world.

For you whom God has placed in greater position of leadership and influence, remember To whom much is given, much is required. Nothing is to be assumed. God places people in positions of power and authority to accomplish His plan. He also removes those who hinder His plan. Be humble and yielded to His plan.

Dear God, I ask for purity of motive, clarity of purpose and wisdom from Your Holiness. Direct me. Make me a woman of positive works, bringing glory to You. If there be any selfish way, evil motive or rebellious spirit within me, cleanse me, deliver me and refine me. I praise You, Most Holy and Righteous One.