Tsunami Relief For India
Rev. Karin Babu's People



Jan 1, 2005 -- Dear Sister

Please pray for the people of SE Asia. Please pray for SE Asia people and world at this time as more than 100, 000 people died SE Asia region of the world due to earthquakes and tidal waves.

Nearest Victims from our place is nearly 23 Kilometers. But we are having two branch churches in Perupalem and Molaparru, both these villages totally damaged and were seriously affected. Eight people died in this areas. Many people are missing, they lost everything. Pastor Rakada Rao, and Evangelist Joel called me the on 26th Dec and told me about this horror/ tragedy. All our members are safe but lost their poor property. We distributed food packets to the victims. 

At present they need URGENT Needs:

Rice, Dal (curry seeds), cooking oil, cooking wood or Gas, tents for their shelter, cleaned drinking water, medicine, clothes, mats, blankets, milk power (especially for children), soaps, tooth pasts and brushes.

We met a women, she lost her only son, she told us she need sari (a long piece of fabric that is wrapped around the body and worn as the main piece of clothing) for her daughter, as they run from their home at the time of tragedy. She has only NIGHTY (the dress Indian women use in the night times). We helped her some used clothes. All the victims are seeking for some help.

Dear Brother, please help if possible as you can, send food items, used clothes and other needed items. If possible please help some money in order to meet their urgent needs. 

Please contact me soon about this matter. I am prayerfully looking for your message.

Please ask your brothers, sisters and friends to kindly pray and send support for the victims.


Rev.Kiran Babu