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A small bit of my history

   I was born and raised in the Tennessee Smokey Mountains. Due to the love my daddy and his mother, my grandma, had for the Lord, I  fell in love with Jesus as a little girl. Holy Spirit honored my desire to read the Bible and taught me to read at four. We were poor and life was difficult but I had sunshine (Sonshine) in my heart. I always said I had two wishes; to serve the Lord with my entire heart and be the world's best wife and mother. My primary desire was to share this sweet, unconditional love of God I had learned, while my secondary desire was to share the unconditional, nurturing, maternal love I so longed for with my own children and any the Lord chose to place in my life. I had fallen in love with the guy next door and since I needed a place to live as soon as I turned sixteen and received my driver's liscense,  I married him. The beauty  of motherhood followed with two wonderful children. 
    My daughter, Dannette,  was born eleven months after we married and I was blessed with my son, Scott,  ninteen moths after her birth. I was the happiest person on the earth! I thought I had everything my heart could ever wish for but I had not taken into consideration the seriousness of being unequally yoked with an unbeleiver. In my urgent need for a secure home with someone to love and care for me, I had failed to wait for the Lord to send a strong Christian man. Shortly after my son's birth, into our third year of marriage, he began telling me he wasn't in love with me. The fact that he traveled on his job and was only home on weekends gave him  opportunity to live out his life as he wished. I was happy to be able to stay home with my babies and be a full time mother, teaching them the Word of God and Christian values. I prayed and interceeded daily for him to love me, want to spend time with the children, to have a normal life with mutual friends, and especially for his salvation and deleverance from various addictions.  We stayed together for 19 years, but being uneaqually yoked,  it seemed the weight of the world sat on my shoulders. He left several times, but finally disappeared for the last time in 1991 and didn't return. 
   Having pre-planned the exodus, he left me with the house in forclosure with no chance of restitution. He mysteriously vanished for several years, until the children were past the age of child support. 
   I had survived a near fatal, high impact,  head-on collission as his front seat passenger in 1979 without a seat belt and was propelled through the windshield. Satan wanted to destroy my life and tried many times but couldn't do it. He wanted to prevent what God is doing in my life today. When your life is in God's hands He always turns those disasters around and uses them for His purpose. I lived, overcoming a coma, amnesia, brain, head, face, spinal and internal injuries with broken bones. Here I was, at age 23, dependent upon my two small children and Holy Spirit to teach me to read again.   
   Having sustained a skull fracture and concussion, incompetent myself, with no relative to protect me and the children, then four and five, he scamed us out of the insurance settlement. He somehow worked with the attorney representing the insurance company, making a quick cash settlement on behalf of all four of us, yet nothing being documented or recorded in the court system to protect and provide for my small childern's future nor me. Most of life was a blur to me as I struggled to reagain memory, coordination, bodily function in spite of pain and in the midst of his schemes and scams.  I was threatened with horrifying possibilities of him having me quietly put away, telling me I was crazy and nobody would ever believe anything I said,  and him taking my precious babies away to a foreign country with new identities, never to see them again.
   I was instructed never to ask questions of him or interfere with his life.  I was prevented from  geting  the much needed medical assistence. Mental abuse can be much more tragic and painful than physical abuse. To date I have had 18 surgeries in 24 years and live to the praise and glory of God! I am not saying life was a piece of cake but with God, we can overcome anything Satan tries to destroy us with. In every instance God showed up and displayed His miraculous healing power, sometimes instantaneoulsy, other times through the surgeons and occassionally gradually, but always supernaturally. .
   In my lifetime I endured poverty, abuse, rejection, abandonment, near death, disability. partial parlysis, compunded with a broken home, divorce, scattered children, homelesness  which resulted in rape and repeated horrors, I had no way to care for myself. I tried working temporary jobs but with six ruptured disks and short term memory deficit compounded with many other physical limitations, I couldn't follow through. My back and neck were not strong enough for me to stand or sit up but a few minutes at a time. Often I could not lift my arms to brush my own hair. I had nobody to help push for disability, nobody to let me stay with them and no medical insurance to get the problems resolved. 
  There are many storeis yet to be told of those years. At times it seemed as if God had abandoned me, but I was always in His hand. At the lowest point, when the roof of the building I was sleeping in caved in and I could see snow falling down onto the rubble in front of me I threw myself on the heap of rotten wood and insulation, pounding my fists into the debris, I cried out, "WHY ME, GOD? I have loved You and served You all my life, but I have nothing and I have nobody!"
   I could have given up at that moment, but the still, small voice in my spirit said, "You have LIFE and you have BREATH!" That resounded within my spirit so loudly it shook me physically back to my senses. Though cold and dirty, I had the strength to get up and keep trying. Family, friends, churches and the system had failed me, but God hadn't. It was five more years and many more challenges before I was approved for disability in 1997 to continue with the needed surgeries. By this time my daughter, Dannette was grown and pulling her life together. God used her to take me in and work through  geting t the disability necessary for regaining  my physical health. I  don't paint a pretty picture a woman is proud of.  I would love to have a lovely story of glamour and etiquete but I don't. I am proud to say that I did remain a lady in the disghusting circumstances. One of Satan's major tricks is to put shame on us for what isn't within our control. If he shames us sufficiently, we hide, bury our pain and never share, receive healing or testify and minister His healing Truths to others.  I am here before you today because God is good and He loves you and me. I should have died many times, but didn't. I should have been a vegetable, but I am witnessing to you. Satan tried to destroy me through the hands of people. God allowed me to go through some pretty horrible things but like Job, I held on to the fact that my God is a good God who loves me.
   When the show-down was complete, and I did not surrender to the enemiy, Heavenly Father put His foot down on Satan's head. He lifted me to my feet and put a song in my heart, a testimony of His faithfulness. He restored everything Satan stole. I am living proof that we can make it. In spite of what the enemy of our soul says or does, if we trust God and hold fast to His promise to never leave us nor forsake us, we will come out of the fire victoriously, as the three Hebrew boys, without even the smell of smoke.  I am not saying it was a piece of cake but victory and restoration certainly are sweet as candy. I don't claim to be strong or super-spiritual, but through it all, God had a plan. He knew the future and trusted HIMSELF in me.
   I held fast to Joel 2:25-28 , a promise God gave Israel, He burned within my heart when my world fell apart. I held onto it and cofessed it continuously for strength. The prophet Joel prophesied." I will restore to you the years the locust has eaten...and you shall eat plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the Lord your God, that hath dealt wonderfully with you; and my people shall never be ashamed. And you shall know that I AM the Lord your God and none else.  And it shall come to pass afterwards, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your  daughters will prophesy..."  Praise God! He did just that. In the maturing of my children, they came to me with inspired ideas on ways we could pull together and make a fresh start. Now we live in God's blessings and abundance with a desire to touch hurting and suffering humanity with this same Good News.
   I don't share my story for pity or  revenge. I have no anger and the pain has been replaced with joy unspeakable and full of glory. I have perfect peace and victory. It is impossible to overcome and walk as a whole person without forgiving those who have wronged you. Satan's scheme is to keep you bound by cords of unforgiveness but Jesus wants to release you to walk in freedom. Let go of the past and let the Father restore you. He knew us and He knew our future before the foundations of the earth.
   God knew the people He would have cross my path, hear my stroy and understand they can make it, too. Not just make it, but overcome and live victoriously!
  We haven't all experienced the same circumstances, but we all face challenges. The Father made the way of escape for each of them before the earth was established. He wants to bring us out and fill our mouth with a testimony of His goodness.The Heavenly Father showed me He has many daughters who are WALKING WOUNDED WOMEN. His desire is to restore them to WARRING WOMEN OF THE WORD. The battle for your life is on but, thank God, it's already won. The best is still to come for all who trust in the name of the Lord! God loves you. 
   I have a woman's devotional which is now available through this site (see BOOK NOW AVAILABLE page) and should be in book stores soon,  titled WARRING WOMEN OF THE WORD. It addresses the many situations a woman can find herself in by observing women in the Bible, both those who honored and dishonored God. It is written in todays language so women of all ages and walks of life can understand and find the answers they need to succeed.
   Lura Ministries is purchasing and sending FREE BIbles to anyone who doesn't own one along with large numbers of  Bibles and reading glasses to Bible Schools, missionaries, evangelists, pastors and prisons  throughout the continent of Africa as well as India. (see Foreign Countries page). 
      I am excited as I observe the beauty God has restored from the ashes of my life, the numbers of people who are catching the vision and the multitudes being saved, healed, delivered and restored to WARRING WOMEN OF THE WORD! PRAISE GOD! 

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