Haiti Mission
Rev. Linda Stanley-2004

   Rev. Linda Stanley will be departing mid.Janurary 2004 for Haiti to participate in an extended mission trip with Rev. Pauline McBride of Great Commission Ministries of Indiana and Pastor of River Of Life Church.
   Rev. McBride has been ministering in Haiti since 1972, conducting both local pastor training seminars and evangelistic crusades. She and her late husband Dennis, pioneered numerous churches in Haiti.
   Rev. Stanley has been participating in Great Commission Ministries since 2000. Included in the upcoming 2004 mission will be Shawna Stuart, granddaughter of Rev. Stanley, conducting children's ministry.
   This year the nation of Haiti is celebrating it's 200th anniversary of independence. Haiti's predominate religion has been voodoo/occult but with God's favor and blessings, great changes are taking place as the light of God's Word penetrates darkness. Revs. Stanley and McBride covet the prayers of God's people and pray His will be accomplished. 

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