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From: Ugochukwu Onwuchekwa
Port Harcourt, 500003
River State, Nigeria -- Jun 18, 2004 --

Dear Brethern,

   Warmest holy greetings to you in Jesus' name. I am a clergy and missionary with Mission Missions International here in Nigeria. I need some help. Please, could  you send  me some Christian materials/books on missions, evangelism, witnessing, reviaval, prayer, occult/cults, Christain education, apologetics, church growth, church history, counceling, prophecy and teaching as well as music/CDs, song books, audio Bible and other Christian books, study/research materials, tracts, etc. that would be helpful. 
   I love you and am praying for you for a productive and fruitful ministry. Please pray for me. Ask God to make me/help me do what He wants me to do, be where He wants me to be, be whom He wants me to be and do His utmost will and plaeasure. To be always directed, filled, led, overwhelmed, driven by/with the Holy Ghost.
   Ask God to make me a great soul winner/fisher of men/revivalist and carrier of reviavl, an anointed Bible teacher, expositor, preacher and doer of the Word, a great sponsorer, promoter, developer of the Gospel, ministry/work of the Lord.
   Please ask God to clothe me with humility, honesty, sincerity and deliver me from any sort of arrogance. Ask Him to overwhelm me with His glory and be profoundly rooted in His Word.
  I  hopefully look forward to your parcel. You are blessed.

In His love, 

U. Onwuchekwa
Port Harcourt 500003,
Rivers State, Nigeria