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From: Evangelist Sule Abubakar, Divine Mission Christian Center
Divine Mission Christian Center
Benin City, EDO State, Nigeria -- Jul 5, 2004 --

(actual, unedited email as received))


Dear Beloved in Christ,


            Peace to you and the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you, family, friends and ministry in the Almighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

            It pains  a lot to live in grieves and distress in this unfeeling world. Many cry but they can find food nor shelter. I see poverty and much pains  in life. Life was rough, survival was tough, I survived because I am born to survive, above all I am alive today, because of God divine intervention.

            Beloved, my name is SULE ABUBAKAR, I was born on the 3rd day of May 1934 in a little  village  in Northern part of Nigeria. During my childhood to adult stage I tasted and passed through all the difficuties in life  as an orphan  in my early age. I was born and abandoned with a old nanny in a village, after the death of my parents at age six in that far northern Nigeria. However, my  parents were from Edo State by birth in Southern part of Nigeria.

            After the death of the old nanny seven years later, I tasted and control the agony of the worst kind in life. Twenty one year (21yrs) later I eventually went to Edo State with the intention to fine my parents family relatives and ostracize myself from the poverty that clung to me. It was not easy, unfortunately I was unable to locate them. Edo life turned out to be strange and I slowly degenerated into drunkenness and all other forms of satanic oppressions. I had bad luck over and over on my choice of friends. I became a hopeless slave to every contemptible habit, slave to fear, slave to depression, slave to smoking and immorality.

            Within this years, I had no time to reflect on any moment of my life. It was the pains, frustration and loneliness that I encountered that brought me to a personal relationship with Jesus. I was so ashamed that i was two dull and careless to realized and recognized the many times God was speaking to me before my repentance. Two years later God place a vision in my heart, to Evangelized through the Markets, Prisons, Hospitals, Schools and to teach, preach and demonstrate the gospel of Jesus Christ to our communities, so that people’s faith will not rest in man’s wisdom, but in the power of God, and bring healing to the sick and brokenhearted and destroy the works of darkness.

            This mission have been carried out by me and eight other members of the local church assembly which I fellowship. The church is pastor by HYCENTH NWAKOBU. We depend on the Lord to move the hearts of friends and people who are impressed or blessed with what we are doing.

            Beloved, I have a need, I want you to help me. I need a Bible for my use. I have none at present. The one given to me was misplaced in one of our Evangelism outreach. I would want you to send me a KJV study bible or any good study help bible available  and a strong’s exhaustive concordance. My friend has that type of  bible  i requested and it is perfectly nice for reference and studies. six Giant print bibles are also needed for my friends. We cannot afford to buy a copy because it is expensive. Please, on behalf of our many converts who cannot afford to buy a Bible, please send some copies for distribution, the demand is pressing. We need plenty of Bibles but we need at least 120 Bibles not for individuals, but for 120 families (probably husband, wife or wives in case of polygamy and children) who cannot afford to buy a bible. Other Christian books are necessary. We will gratefully appreciate used bibles if new ones are not available.

            We planned to purchase some bibles here, if God provide. They are sold for (N7,500) for a box of 20 Holy Bibles. This money is equal to Fifty dollars America money. 60 copies are urgently needed. Help us in prayer that God should move the heart of people towards this need.

            Please, do not hesitate to send your support. If you have  any information you need regarding me and ministry,  our e-mail address is written above for fast contact and I will not hesitate to answer them as fully as possible. We are praying for you and all your efforts to assist others through your ministry. As for us, we simply press forward in the proclamation of the wonderful message of salvation committed to our trust.

            Thanks and God bless you in thousand folds. I hope to hear from you very soon.

In His Fellowship,



Evangelist Sule Abubakar