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From: Evangelist Ester Osagie, Cross Of Christ Ministries
Cross Of Christ Ministries
Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria -- Jul 7, 2004 --

Dear belove in christ,


I greet you with christian love that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.My name is Mrs.Esther U.Osagie a mother of three children{Nosa 19yrs,Kingsley 16yrs,and Efe 14yrs}.I became a believer in the yaer 1995.My husband name is Osagie he died in an inter-tribal clash in ABUDU village in 1993.


Today,i'm a woman who God have place a vision in her hand,although i am only an adult sunday school teacher in my church, but blessed with other visions:To preach the truth of God's Holy word which will bring healing to the sick and brokenhearted and destory the works of darkness;To evangelized through homes,prisons,markets etc;To provide food,clothing and Bibles,bible study materials for the poor,care for widows and orphans and to teach by example in the Body of christ through discipleship.


It is two yaers now the lord led me to focus more on prisons ministry, and preach His message around all the prisons in our Nation.Truely,i have no body in mind,when i started,but just wanted to share the Holy word of God to anyone that is interested in his spiritual need as the fellow prison officers,i met at the prison gate one day.It seems to me that the lord had led me to this three men near the gate.They were seen to be more dejected than the other fellows there.I told them that the bible says that"All have sinned and come short of the glory of God,all under the condemnation of God,all guilty sinners before Him whether a rich man,in the prison,outside the prison or prisons officers.Then,i showed them from God's word how He loved sinners and saves as many that are willing to come to Him for salvation through His son,the lord jesus christ.After all i prayed with them and gave some gospel tracts which they told me later that they passed out to other fellows.


During my second visit, i thank God, they are getting very stronger in faith,in spite of the fact that they do not have Bibles for studies. They told me that they need large print studybibles,because of their old age.They told me before each of them will be able to buy one large print bible,it would cost one month salary. Which means that their children and wives will not eat for that month.


Beloved, from this explanation you can see that these three converts are highly in need of this study bibles please,i will want you to try your possible best to help us with "four k.j.v Giant print reference bibles,including one for my personal use and for teaching.We will deeply appeciate new or used other 43 bibles for other converts who are highly thirst for theword of God.I will be very happly if you can consider sending me this requested bibles for the glory of God.I'm praying for you and your ministry.I hope you will continue to pray for me too,so that the lord will be using me to reach more people in prisons and prison officers like this. May God richly bless you as you fervently serve Him.I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

                                                                   Yours sister in christ,

                                                                   Esther U.Osagie.