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From: Rev. Best Omorogbe, Christ Repentance Church
Benin City, EDO State, Nigeria -- Jul 7, 2004 --
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Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 7:42 AM

Subject: soliciting for a help of free christian materials

                              CHRIST REPENTANCE CHURCH                             

                                           P.O.BOX 9211,                                 BENIN   CITY,EDO  STATE,                        



Dear Beloved Partner in Christ,


            May all the glory and honour be unto our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a great joy to know God, serve Him and even work for Him. “Working Faithfully with God is the most happiness in life as a believer”.

            I am Evangelist  Best .O. Omorogbe, by name a 67 years old man married with eight children, although I lost my wife Osaruwse, seven years ago. I became a Christian after her death in 1997. Then, life became tough for a job less man to care for eight children and himself after being neglected by family and friends.

            The bible said in (Matthew 24:35) “Heaven and earth shall pass away but His words will surely remain”. These word of God includes those spoken through His servant Pastor Paul Ike, the founder of the above name ministry. He prophecied unto my family before our repentance that out of deep suffering and depression we shall receive Christ and never a day shall I neglected the call, and I shall minister in the prisons, Hospitals, markets, schools, home e.t.c Surely, few years later my wife died, depression and suffering fal into the family, all my children drop out of school no food, clothes and all other home use materials because of lack of finance. So the prophecy began to manifest as the poverty and depression continue to languish my family and we were force to received Christ in June 24th 1998, as the only hope.

            As we accepted Christ our standard of living began to change. Through the help of God I received assistance from few members of our Church to care for my family. Brethren, I went through training for few months and the Holy Spirit gives me more knowledge of understand and direction. Nine months later I introduce a strong soul wining evangelical group in our Church because this was the only area the Churches in our community have abandoned for years, while  thousands of souls have been swimming in sins and going into a Christless eternity in Hell. I was ablaze with a passion for souls”. I decide to do this work because it was a direct revelation from God and I recognized that soul winning is part of my responsibility as believer yet, So many ministers and believers take it most incident in their work plan and time plan. It remains their goal in theory but in practice it is often not a priority in their public or private ministry.

            However, since this work began in August 1999, we have encounter so many financial problems but as we seek the face of the Lord through fasting and prayers, the Lord will seen us through. Now we needs a help which need to be asked in this respect. We have so many poor converts who cannot earn a living for themselves, some are in the hospital sick bed cannot pay for their medical bill, while some are in the prisons leaving their family in suffering and cannot move out because of their various crimes. They have all cried out of their sins as we minister to them and they have a burning desire to serve the Lord, But they are crying for the most needed materials to study the word of God. We are requesting on their behalf from you to send us Bibles and other necessary study materials to enable them develop sound principles teachings and enhance the knowledge of the normal believers and bring them to full maturity in Christ. We prayed the materials will also initiate other evangelists into the task of spreading the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

            Brethren, we plead with you and other members of your ministries to come to our rescue for this converts. We will appreciate whatever materials you have for your support. Also on behalf of my pastor and I, we wish to request your help of strong’s reference bible for our personal use. Thanks and remain bless in the Lord. Please try and write back immediately. We are waiting to read your letter as soon as possible.


                                                                                        Yours in His glory,


                                                                                   Evangelist Best .O. Omorogbe