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From Brother Osato Oghogho
Benin City, Edo State
Nigeria -- Jul 8, 2004 --

P.O.BOX 9211,

Dear Brethren,

May all the good grace of the lord be yours in abundance.Greetings to you in the mighty name of our lord and compassionate father jesus christ, who by His grace direction is given in life . I so much thank God for your life and ministries , for the strength He has given you to proclaim His word to the world.

Brethren, i am Bro. Osato Oghogho by name , a twenty nine years old young man . I pray that we may all reflect the life of the lord jesus christ in our lives and that many more will choose life . My life was totally transformed by our lord jesus christ .i am the only son of born and brought by a strong witch doctor(my father).He initiated me into all evil cult and i was known for evil and associated with all other devil incarnates.In April 1st 1998 my father died and i continue the work were my father stoped as the only son. Although things were going fine with me until i got in contact with a man of God (believer) who bitterly wept for me because of my mysterious and miserable life of sins in my early age. from that time my life was been languish with deep pains, poverty, suffering and depression, to the extent that i can not have a three square meal daily. i was rejected by my mother and my father extended family because of my evil act.

Brethren , it was a miracle when i accepted jesus christ as my lord and personal saviour in 12th september the year 2000.I truely witnessed a great deliverance in my life , and a complete transformation through christ.I study the word of God and the Holy spirit gives me more knowledge of understandings and directions.Few months later, i truly stand and take my steps as a true believer , one of christ desciples on earth today, because most christians are asleep while the enemy of truth is raging , who then, will sound the trumpet of zion? who will rise up the banner of truth against the force of hell that threaten to overwhelm us? I stand to carry His cross with a great anointing to" Cry Aloud and spare Not ....to lift up my voice like a trumpet and show God's people their transgressions and the house of jacob their sins. The word has been added to and taken from since the 1st century . the word has been polluted and fornicated by babylon (confusion of voices).there are many voices in the land,but the true sheep will only hear the father. we are living in perilios times as Paul told Timothy.But God's word is truth and it is settled forever in heaven.

Brethren, there have been a great revival of souls in our land since i began this ministry, my mission is : To teach and demonstrate the gospel of jesus christ to our communities so that people's faith will not rest in man's wisdom but in the power of God and brings salvation , deliverance , healing to the sick and broken hearted and destroy the work of darkness; To reach the lost souls at all cost, through door to door evangelism, markets, prisons, hospitals as well as to develop strategy for evangelisms; To magnify and reveal jesus to humanity and glorify God in the midst of all mankinds; To creat a fellowship of prayer warriors that prays , encourages and support one and other in the work of the kingdom of God. And to seriously remind all flesh that Jesus Christ is coming back again.

Brethren, I have urgent request from you which I believe by the grace of God you will not hesitate to help me. I need your help of a KJV study Bible, or any other equivalent that you believe will be of a good help to me for studies, strong's concordance and six other Giant print Bibles for my mother and five old widows who love to study the world of God. I love reading good christian books, Listen to messages on tapes and CD's. Please they are all needed. Also I will not hesitate to request your assistance in getting 176 copies of Economy Bibles for my poor converts who cannot afford a copy. Please we are highly in need of this materials. We will gratefully appreciate as many you can help for now.

Brethren, we are depending on you to help us serve the lord and spread the good news. It is wonderful to work for God. There is a great revival of souls in our l and, we must not retreat now, but advance forth in boldness and faith, because we yhave got the message that must be heard all o ver the world today. I am praying for you and your ministry that God will gratefully replenish all your supports to us. Thanks and God rechly bless you in all your endeavours. I hope to hear from you soon either by postal mail or the above email address.

Yours Faithfully in Christ

Bro. Osato Oghogho