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From: Rev. Kiran Babu of India
Prayer For India
India -- Jul 12, 2004 --

Dear respected and Honorable sister Lura loving family and all the loved ones in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, special greetings to you in the mighty name of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ from the Bottom of our hearts.

We are small group and doing Lord's service in rural areas and villages and every nook and corner and our main motto is to preach the Gospel to every place, we send pastors to every village and we made so many Hindus and Muslims to the Christianity and we preached the truth,

India is the biggest nation and India is having 28 states each state is having its own language and we have 18 major languages (Recognized by Government as Major languages) and our state language is TELUGU more than 66017615 (in Millions according to the accounts of 2000) people speak our language in our state and our National language is HINDI.(337272114)people speak this Hindi Language.And India has different religions of Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, and other Tribes.

By the year 2000 Hindus 82%, Muslims 11.7%, and Christians only 2.3% and others 1.6% in our Country. We really pray for India because Christianity is only 2.3%. Our pastors are working in rural areas and villages where people worship pagan gods most of Indians (Hindus) worship the creation but not THE CREATOR. Most of. All we are doing a great work by the grace of Our Lord and we visit every church every week and we go and preach to the people about the Love of God and the truth of God, and some of people do not know how to read Bible and we teach them how to read Bible.

Our works in our ministry in 1) Distributing tracts, 2) Distributing Bibles, 3) Visiting Railway stations and Bus stations to distributing the Good news, 4) Visiting Hospitals and Prisons and giving them Good News 5) Our motto is to Build a church in every small village, 6) preparing Youth for Christ.

This is all information to you to pray for us and for work that we have been doing for His Glory. We need your prayers according to Pray one for another James 5:16(a). And the effective Prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16 (b)

God bless you Enormously.

Your brother in Christ.

Rev.Kiran Babu