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Thanks From: Rev. Kiran Babu
India -- Jul 16, 2004 --

Actual unedited email frrom Rev. Karin Babu

Please continue to pray for Brother Karin, his minitry, ministry team, partners and the precious people of India to experience the outpouting of God's Holy Spirit. (See photos from India)

Dear sister Lura in Jesus name.

Greetings to you in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your mail and I am very happy to receive your mail saying that you will share with your church members  to pray for India and for the Work of India.

Please continue to pray for us and for the work that We have been doing  for the Glory of God.

As We have seen your photo On internet Is it your or not But We keep tht photo in OUr felloship prayers and We are keep on praying for you and for the Growth and Development of your Ministry.

We Humbly Request you to Please Visit India and Preach the Gospel in India and Do His Service for His Glory.

WE also Keep praying for you all according to James 5:16.

Thank you sister that I have seen My letter On your Web Page and I showed to some of My Church membrs and all of my family members they really Happy and there are no words to explain our Joy for that We pray for you on Our knees.

Here I am sending some Photos of Our Open Air Meetings.

Your brother in Christ.

Rev.Kiran Babu