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From: Pastor Jaya Babu
Jul 17, 2004 -- Dear in Christ.
Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. how are you?how is ministry.we are daily praying for you and ministry.

 If God speak with you to support our ministry, you can do whatever little support you find it possible to do for our ministry it can abe abig help for our ministry , Since we are working indipendently  and depends on our natational believers, many times it is very tough and hard to meet the needs of our ministry.but God can use you like  a boy who  was sacrified his fiveloaves and two fishes to  feed the five thousand people at the mount, Jesus blessed the littleoffering and it was multified to feed that much of peopel. Like God will multifly whater little support for our ministry.

We love you and honor you, you are so special and precious to us and we love to have your felloship and friendship for the Great work of the Lord.

We honestly pray that the Lord will open the doors for us to work together to reach  the un reached. and also we cordially extending our warm welcome to visit us and see our work in India.

We will continuie to keep pray for you, and will remember you in our thoughts and prayers.

I would like to  know more about you.i want your valueble support for the ministry.i wait for your reply.

Look forward to hear from you.
May God bless you

Thanking you.

Yours true friend in Jesus