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Invitation To India
Re. Kiran Babu
Jul 18, 2004 -- Dear respected sister Lura In Jesus name.

Greetings to you in the name of Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your mai, I have just seen your wonderful Webpage and I am so happy for this and there is no word express my joy for this that watching your webpage with photos.

You are always in Our Prayers. I have Just came from Sunday service as it is here 4:OO clock in the evening and I have explained every body of Our church members about you and your work. Every Body is anxious to see you in India when you are preaching, and while you give us messege,

We humbly request you to please visit India and See of our Work in India, As we are on our knees to pray for you and Pleading at his pressence to open doors for you to get chance to visit India.

Please pray for us and for the Work that we are doing for the Lord.

Your brother in Christ.

Rev.Kiran Babu