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From: Evangelist Mahoney Muffa
Reap Soul Gospel Ministies
Nigeria, West Africa -- Jul 18, 2004 --



Dear friends of Jesus Christ at Christian crusade,

God is faithfully and true and he is cares for each of us like no else cares. I thank him, for His mighty move through our ministry, for it is powerful of almighty father working in you and I pray that He will preserve you till His kingdom come.

Bering born in an Islamic oriented families in Zanfara State in Nigeria. I grew and also reared up to become an ardent Muslims. But however, the Muslims wickedness was certainly been increased dangerously in this place all over they hates the truth. They call, that which is god bad and that which is bad they call good. So, this made my sister to depart from the place to Owo. Where she received Christ as Lord of Her life.

While in Zanfara State, God spoke to me in a dream that He has chosen me as His grateful servant to led my families and all the Muslims to His glorious kingdom. When is woke up, I found what He told me very difficult to accomplish. But after a period of time, I repented and prepared to do His will, my families and all the Muslims where not happy for my conversion to follow God and in love with His son, Jesus. They tried all there best to made me fall. But, God Almighty up lifted me. All praises be to Him.

Shortly after this, I went to Owo, to stayed with my sister. As a born again Christian, I ought to abide by God’s Directives, avoiding the decision, I am in transgression and I would not want that, would we? So, I and my sister in conjunction with her fellow brethren went to Zanfara State, to preached the wonderful revelations God has given us from His throne to my families and to the Muslims over there.

It was a long an expensive trip for joy and reason for them all to know our real God and many Muslims founded Him and testified that there wickedness are the works of santan. And our God doses not want it through there, they asked God for is grace to walked in front of them and to speaks ideal to then. What they have hatred on before, they loved. They are enjoying now the life He created for.

During this a real weeping spirit came over my families when they testified how they had hated the Christian and wanted to kill them all. Tears streamed down from their faces when they told us to forgive them, for they don’t know what they were doing. Through there, they gave there lives for the salvation of Christ. They all requested from us God’s Holy Books to read, because they are very poor and they can not afford to by for themselves. We are unable to provide, because we do not received support, we will come back with God’s holy books and share it for them all.

So when we left some of the converted Muslims and members of my families walked us to the motor pack with tears in their eye and said, "we are grateful for letting us know the real God and please will are expecting you all soonest" there words echoed in there heart and I took their request to the Lord in prayer. When I got home, God spoke to my so beautifully about you and your ministries, He mandates to write you this letter which I am confidence that you can provide at your earliest convenient time. So that we will be able to take all your materials to Zanfara State and share it among them all. Broaden their knowledge of God’s word, so as for them not to go beck to Islam.

Moreso, I would love to rent a big hall over there in Zanfara State, where we could have fellowship with this people because they needs the help of fellowship and constant teachings of the church, to help them build the tabernacle of God in their homes and in the areas each of them lived over there.

But we do not the finances to pay the rentage. So, please friends, we would want you to stand with us in support of financial help to pay for the renting of the hall. I am laying great emphasis on this, because God laid to Muslims heavy on m y heart and he has given us the privilege to establish a fellowship in Zanfara State. Bible days are there. God is doing the things; He has spoken through prophets of old. I am also seeking Him beings to bring to pass the words. He spoke to me in my dream.

I am very sorry how inconveniences this is for you, asking for your financial help. But please, try and help us. I have much from the Lord and I am fully prepared to do all that he sent me. Do not let failure be the result of our request. Do whatever you can to help us immediately. The needs are urgent.

We are praying for God’s abundant blessings to shone down up on you all and your love ones. We are pleased to hear from you when you received this message that your materials and also your financial help will send out to us. A big thanks in advance we are. And I will report to you in dueness of time, how our work for the Lord is going on there.

With love in Christ

Evang Mahoney Muffa

Pls. My sister and I are in great need of any study help Bibles KJV and also strong exhaustive Bible concordances from you. Will want it because, it is very easy in studies and it is also useful in lifting the name of Jesus to of higher realm. We cannot afford to buy them because, we are living on a very low income, which only covered our one room rentage and afford little food here in Owo. Please try and be in help to us and pray for us all and these new converts. Let me know your quick respond. Thanks and may God bless you in your endeavor. Beloved you can send the financial assistance through the letter you are writing to me and do not let to be visible inside the letter when enveloping for safety receive. Using money transfer can be so costly and it can reduce the amount you can send i shall let you know as it is received and how it is used to the glory of God .Remain strong in the Lord.